Rebrading & Marketing for a 2 year Old Brand

Post analysis and formulation of communications objectives, we have created a focused approach to achieve our goals through customised messaging and positioning. This will be communicated to specific target audience via various media channels to create an apt brand image and to bring about the desired awareness. Every brand has attributes that makes it stand out in the market as compared to others. Hence, we identified major attributes and challenges associated with the brand.


  • Differentiation from
  • Communication with the
    Target Audience
  • Perpetual make over
  • Not top of the mind recall


  • To increase awareness & to communicate that VishwaRaj is a 300 bedded Multi specialty Hospital with State-of-the-art medical services
  • Department-wise focus
  • To create an emotional connect
  • To drive footfall

Creative Route

The triquetra is another commonly used Celtic symbol the meaning of which varied with time and the tribe using it. Derived from the Latin language, the term triquetra simply means “three-cornered”.

The triquetra symbol has been used to represent many different concepts throughout time. As far as symbolizing a trinity goes, it was used to represent mind, body and soul; past, present and future; life, death and rebirth; creation, preservation and destruction; thought, feeling and emotion; earth, air and water.


Designing collaterals as and when required by the client like Leaflets, Hoarding, Standee, Brochure, etc.

The existing identity, look and feel of the brand were carried forward smartly incorporated in the new designs.

Brand Positioning

Tumchya Aarogyaachaa Saathidaar | Working Together For Health. To provide world-class, holistic medical facilities to patrons with a steadfast adherence to strict ethical and moral codes and build a healthcare brand with a strong value based foundation of trust, care and compassion.

3rd Anniversary Campaign Concept

Serving with a Smile

A smile sets a positive tone for any event. Smiling communicates the state of our mind. It helps form the customer’s first impression, an indication of a pledge and a strong commitment to offer a satisfactory product or service. It enhances our relationship with every customer we help or service. A smile tells our first impressions. It establishes a strong rapport and initiates trust.