Digital Marketing for Co-Working Space

Que Spaces is ready to use a shared workspace that enables growth through collaboration. It offers custom-tailored setup solutions to big organizations with easy means of scalability. Que Spaces focuses on framing an environment that enables companies’ employees to work efficiently by enhancing their productivity.


To create awareness with a focused approach and make the audience aware of the solutions offered by the company


To make the audience aware of the brand and its offerings by creating engaging digital content

Everything starts with a Dot

We implemented the analogy of a “Dot” in order to communicate the brand story.
Dot is the first thing that translates itself into lines, shapes, and endless patterns. In a similar manner, Que Spaces enables organizations to create endless possibilities at work by redefining productivity and enhancing employee performance.

Outdoor Marketing

A campaign named #ExploreYourPossibilities was initiated. In this campaign, we leveraged outdoor assets in order to spread awareness about Que Spaces and its offerings.

Que Spaces Lift design

Inclusivity at Workplace

The workplace is an environment that fosters productivity as well as improves the performance of an individual. We took this thought to the next level and implemented the “Biophilic Design” for the workspace.

Aravani Art Project logo

What is Aravani Art Project?

Aravani Art Project creates artistic designs for a variety of spaces. This artwork is made by the transgender community as they engage in public art and other interventions.
They design art by binding the message and the stories shared by the clients into the artwork.

Aravani Art Project

Que Spaces approached Aravani Art Project for their workspace as a token of respect as well as witnessing the fact that the community had a passion for art which fulfills a social practice as well.

Aravani Art Project interior wall design
Aravani art project interior space design

Que Collab

Que Collab was a campaign that was focused to connect with top-notch brokers in order to bring a great deal of business to Que Spaces. This campaign was also a big success.


For social media awareness and reach, a contest was hosted under #WorkFam which urged employees to share their thoughts regarding – What makes work enjoyable?

It worked like a charm and we helped Que Spaces skyrocket its social media reach in just a few weeks.

Que Spaces #WorkFam social media campaign design

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Giving Que Spaces the uniqueness of “Work-Life Balance” for further brand communication –
Nowadays, everyone is in an undeviating pursuit of “Work-Life Balance”. This pursuit comes to an end with Que Spaces. Que Spaces offer a Perfect Work-Life Balance due to the following aspects –

  • Easily Accessible Location – Que Spaces is located in a prime spot that is easily accessible
  • Megaplex – You can chill after a hard day of toil
  • Stationery – Easy access to stationery runs office efficiently
  • Food Court – Just a few steps away
  • Hypermarket – All household needs at your convenience


Social Media

Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. We designed their social media posts for all their social media platforms in order to increase reach. The objective is to increase interactions with space as well as Que Spaces presence.

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