Relaunching a 50 year Old Brand to New One

RACO has a legacy of 91 years and in all that time the brand has grown on the market based only on goodwill & quality work. Having a strong position in the market created on goodwill and no significant marketing, implies that RACO’s heritage as a brand is built on trust & hard work.


The new identity needs to reflect fusion of the legacy and modern style, it must also be associated to originality and genuineness.


The brand should have a premium, classy, refined feel that is associated to Italian leather. The new identity must appeal to the modern buyer but must also include the charm of old times.

Logo Thought

The signature is the most unique expression of one’s identity. The signature is shaped by one’s personality and embodies originality. A signature inspired typography logo was thought of for RACO to signify genuinity, originality, to give all that’s made by RACO an identity like none other. We also wanted to convey that if it’s signed on by RACO, it’s the best”

Branding Design

Communicating Raco brand attributes & personality through collaterals & merchandise.