Branding & Marketing for the Solar & Energy Sector

Solar technology is a proven solution for reducing electricity bills and is now being widely adopted by most businesses in the country. Till date, Sunshot has installed rooftop solar plants at 175+ sites of top corporates in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra. Sunshot is proud to construct rooftop solar power plant at Mumbai International Airport (4.6 MWp), Bangalore International Airport (3.35 MWp), Pune Railway Station (160 kWp), Maharashtra and Nampally Station (230 kWp), Hyderabad. Sunshot is the first company in the country to 3D print rooftop structure prototypes to ensure customized snuggly fit structures to minimize vibrations and to avoid long-term damage to PV modules.


Lack of awareness about brand Sunshot in Solar Rooftop installation among Large-Mid Enterprises


To communicate Sunshot’s rooftop installation capabilities and build brand recognition among large- mid enterprises

Communication Design

Sunshot wanted to position itself among businesses by communicating solar rooftop as an asset to the business and an important investment. Hence, for the same, we have designed a newspaper ad, which was carried by The Economic Times. Our core focus was to get this ad featured by The ET because this newspaper is primarily consumed by business people or the decision-makers of the enterprise.
We have also designed a mobile van for the brand, to increase awareness about the brand and to communicate the successful installation of the solar rooftop by Sunshot at Bengaluru International Airport.
Our team has suggested the brand to participate in various exhibitions related to the solar rooftop to increase the brand’s visibility. Hence, for the events, we have designed backdrop, podium, brochure and standees.

How to have a Sustainable Lifestyle?

Using renewable energy (Sun) is the means of sustainable lifestyle to reduce dependency on environmental resources. Sun provides energy to all living beings & living being is composed of 5 elements- Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), Air (Vaayu), Space (Akash) and Earth (Bhumi). This concept is also known as PanchaMahabhuta in Hindu Mythology.

Internal Space Branding 

On the basis of this concept, the team designed the entire office and rooms’ of Sunshot. Each rooms and cabins has been dedicated the name of the five aforementioned elements. The design elements showcased has been designed basis the PanchMahabhuta and that specific design is used with that specific element only. Below are the look and feel of Sunshot’s office.

Sustainable Merchandise

We have suggested few sustainable merchandise to the Sunshot team. The merchandise such as sustainable pen & pencils, which can be planted after its use. Recyclable notepad, a leaf design near the switch board to make employee’s aware about saving electricity and standee installation which will have the information of Sun and 5 elements of PanchMahabhuta.