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Space Design of India’s foremost AgTech start-ups

AgroStar is working on the mission of helping farmers win by providing a complete range of agri solutions at the fingertips of farmers. Also, they are leading the Indian AgTech revolution through end-to-end solutions for Indian farmers.



  • Develop a relationship between brand and Employee
  • Convey to all visitors what Agrostar’s business is and inform them about key messages


  • To communicate Agrostar’s brand values, brand pillars & ethos.
  • Inspire employees to feel enthusiastic about the Agrostar brand
  • Agrotech Illustration design

    Before 2010, agriculture technology was not a well-known concept. Brothers Sitanshu and Shardul Sheth decided to try and change that. Sitanshu’s experience from his KPMG days convinced Shardul that the idea could click, and he left his job in the US and joined his brother to work with farmers. The brothers started AgroStar Company on a very small scale in Mumbai in 2010, but soon realized that they needed to be closer to the market. They moved to Pune, bootstrapping the project themselves.
    Amid concerns about capital, they tried a pilot in which farmers could simply make a ‘missed call’ to buy necessary materials. At first they didn’t have any employees to take those calls so they themselves became the agents. They realized through this pilot that the idea can be scaled through technology. Three years after being bootstrapped, AgroStar was flourishing and was acknowledged.
    This entire journey of Agrostar is depicted in the form of illustration. The whole thought process behind AgroStar is incorporated in the illustration. When and how did the idea of starting an agritech company for helping the farmers all over India, got clicked. Later on, they started with a call center by giving one toll-free number for easy communication. One can communicate in any language. We have used Mario Miranda style illustration as per the client’s request. The illustration is used on the office wall of AgroStar.

    Agrotech Photo frames on wall
    Agrotech internal wall branding design
    Agrostar in different languages

    India is an agriculturally driven country rich in diversity and shades. Its vast cultural and linguistic diversities make it the center of diversity and integration. Inspired by the ideal of diversity and keeping the Indian farmer as the central focus we designed a collage-wall that reflects the faces of farmers from diverse regions across India topped up with different colors bringing out the true essence of India.
    India is a global center in terms of languages and linguistic diversities. Keeping this thought process at the center of the visual approach we designed this wall with ‘Agrostar’ words written in each Indian language. As the wall was a part of the call center catering to farmer’s needs and queries and serving across all Indian languages, this wall is a precise reflection of this effort and idea.

    Agrotech internal branding Canteen area
     Agrostar wrote in different languages on wall
    Agrotech Mobile wall art design
    Agrotech Actual mobile wall art image
    Agrotech Wall art of an actual kudal/hoe

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