The importance of logos for businesses

Before we begin with the writing of this blog, we want you to do something for us. It won’t take long, just a few seconds. Close your eyes and think of your most favourite brands of all time. Notice something similar about all five? When you think of these brands, you may or may not think of the different products that they offer, but the one thing that definitely comes to mind, is the logo of the brand. Correct?

Think about it. The Amul brand without the Utterly Butterly Delicious girl, your Macbooks and iPads without that half bitten apple, the superhero movies without the Marvel animation in the beginning or luxury cars without the blue and white circle at the bonnet. The best way to describe it is incomplete! Logos, thus, are extremely critical for businesses to get right. Here are a few reasons why this matters:

  1. Being the face of the brand
    Sure, there are ambassadors and mascots also associated with businesses, but the logo is quite literally a face of the brand and one of the very first things that consumers notice about it. A well-designed logo establishes a connect with consumers instantly, gives them a first impression of your brand and keeps them coming back for more.
  2. It grabs attention
    Attention spans are getting shorter by the day, thanks to the clutter that exists in the market. This is true especially for new consumers. For those consumers, you only have a few seconds to tell them your brand story without actually being there, and telling a good story only happens with a good logo. If you have a logo that is able to communicate your brand values and convince them of the potential you have, you’re going places!
  3. Enhances brand visual identity
    Logo and design are the pillars of the entire business narrative, especially for the visual look and feel of it. Colours, tones and fonts can say more about the brand in seconds than marketers can sometimes say in hours! And this is a very aspect of storytelling that business custodians sometimes choose to ignore. The logo and design is what customers remember for much longer after the initial brand interaction and purchase, so choose wisely and tell your story perfectly!
  4. Aids brand recall and loyalty
    One thing that customers value most, is consistency. And that’s something that a good logo promises for sure. Markets keep upturning and priorities keep changing but brands stay true to themselves, and so do their logos. The familiarity that this consistency brings, equates to trust and brand credibility, and aids massive customer loyalty in the long run. Popular brands like Nike, Coca Cola HUL and Nestle are testament to this fact. The more consumers interact with you, the more they will look for you, and logos are the easiest way to remember! 
  5. Steers ahead of competition
    In times like today where accessibility and customer’s convenience make and break marketing strategies, the clutter in the business landscape has increased. There is a solid chance that there are a lot of competitors hankering for consumer brand recall and loyalty along with you, and the best way to steer clear of competition is through unique product and service offerings. A unique logo is the first step in this direction!

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