The website serves as a digital platform
designed to offer information and valuable resources pertaining to the
company’s products, services, and operational activities.
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User Interface Design

User Experience Design



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Re design the website to provide upto date information about automotive supply chain management and services offered by Sintel

Stakeholder Map

Brand Objective

Cloud based tech to be the main enabler of scalability on technology front from global perspective for organizations.
To connect organizations to the automotive supply chain enabling seamless process.
Accurate decision making and providing transparency that accelerates the business performance with quality and efficiency.


  •  Honesty
  • Experience
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Professionalism


To provide a global multilateral solution platform that attends and integrates the various tiers of the Automotive Supply Chain, combining the best of technology with the best business practices in this sector.


Global dominance in  leading role in leveraging performance on the Global Automotive Supply Chain.

Value Proposition Map
Products and Services:

  • EDI services
  • Cloud EDI
  • Operation Daily Planning
  • Demand Planning
  • Customer Service

Customer jobs

  • Meeting industry expectations.
  • Growth in business by finding accurate technology that scales with demand.


Guaranteed performance by the monitoring services of the implemented solutions to customers in a 24/7 regime.

Pain Relievers:

  • Cloud Environment
  • Providing Diagnosis, Process Development, Systemic Implementation and Follow-up Services..

Pain :

Gathering and analysing data can help enable manufacturers to reduce business risk and become more agile by identifying potential supply issues.

Key Audience
Problem Identification

After a doing survey and User study we gathered information from a design sprint and derived pain points faced by the users while browsing through the website.

Primary issues

  • Text Heavy
  • confusing navigation
  • Lack of understanding of various services being provided by
    Sintel on the website
  • No upto date information
  • Lack of visual representation of service
Secondary issues

  • Social handles at the top of the website instead of the footer
  • No major actions in the footer
  • Lack of buttons and CTA’s
  • Non conventional placement of buttons
  • Multiple actions redirecting to the same result
  • Lack of hierarchy in the information


Empathy Map

The empathy map helps Sintel to better understand their client’s perspective, enabling them to tailor their services and solutions to address the client’s specific needs, pains, and goals in the highly complex and competitive automotive industry.

  • Complex logistics networks involving multiple suppliers and partners.
  • Fluctuating demand and market dynamics.
  • Technological advancements in supply chain management.
  • Competitive offerings from other automotive suppliers.
  • Frustration when facing production delays.
  • Concern about cost overruns.
    Optimism when they find efficient solutions.
  • Anxiety about supply chain risks.
  • Need for a dependable and agile supply chain partner.
  • Expectation of cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  • Desire for clear and open communication with the supply chain management company.
  • Expectation of a robust risk management strategy.


Say And Do

Think And Feel


  • We need reliable parts and materials on time.
  • Cost-efficiency is crucial for our operations.
  • Communication with suppliers must improve.
  • We want to minimize production delays.
  • Industry news about supply chain disruptions (e.g., natural disasters, strikes).
  • Feedback and concerns from production line managers.
  • Success stories of companies with efficient supply chain solutions.
  • Recommendations from colleagues and peers in the Automotive industry.


  •  Interaction with the supply chain management company’s website and digital tools.
  • Communication with the company’s customer support or account manager.
  • Attendance at industry conferences and events where they may encounter the company’s representatives.
  • Collaboration with the company’s supply chain experts during project implementations.

User Journey

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Second Thought

Product Lifecycle Management Application

Bajaj Allianz
Life Insurance

A digital platform which provides simulation, development and management tools to create and manage networks simpler.


User Interface Design

User Experience Design

Design System Language



About Client

SimpleSoft’s simulation, test, development and management tools help make the job of creating and managing today’s complex networks simpler.SimpleSoft’s innovative products include Development tools, Automated Agent Testers, Vulnerability Probes, Device Simulators, NTCIP related solutions, and Network Management Tools. Together they provide a complete solution to develop, test, simulate and manage networks.

SimpleSoft has continued to enhance its popular flagship device simulators, SimpleAgentPro® and SimpleAgentEnterprise® which can simulate over 50,000 devices on one computer, to support all these protocols.


To provide a comprehensive and clear understanding of their products and services, they have to present a lot of information in their websites, making them complex.

They need to adhere to various regulations and guidelines. The website must be designed in compliance with industry standards and government regulations.

Each user may have unique insurance needs, and the website must be able to personalize content and services for each user.

What We Did?

To tackle the complexity of information, we use simple and clear language, avoid jargon and technical terms, and provide clear explanations of key concepts.

To establish trust, we use a professional and trustworthy visual style and ensure that the website’s content is accurate, transparent, and up-to-date. We also incorporate user testimonials, reviews, and social proof to demonstrate the company’s expertise and reputation.

We understand that personalization is key to creating an effective and engaging user experience. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with other teams such as data analysts, content creators, and developers to gather insights and implement solutions that meet individual user needs and preferences.

By doing so, we tailor the website’s content and features to meet the specific needs of individual users.

Experience Map

Project Brief

“To Re-designing of Bancassurance portal to offer insurance products to the bank’s customers”

  • To provide clear and concise information about their policies, including coverage details, terms and conditions, premium payment options, and any additional benefits or riders.
  • They want to understand the features and benefits of their chosen policy to make informed decisions.
  • Wants the company to offer a range of coverage options that can be tailored to their specific needs.
  • Expect the premiums to be reasonable and affordable, considering the coverage amount and their financial capabilities.
  • Expect a smooth and hassle-free claims settlement process.

Empathy Map

  • “I want to ensure that my family is financially secure even if something happens to me.”
  • “I need a life insurance policy that offers adequate coverage at an affordable premium.”
  • “I’m not entirely sure about the different types of life insurance and their benefits.”
  • “I want a hassle-free experience when managing my policy online.”
  • “I’m worried about the uncertainties in life and want to protect my family from any financial setbacks.”
  • Conducts online research to gather information about life insurance policies.
  • Calculates his family’s financial needs and estimates the appropriate coverage amount.
  • Seeks recommendations or reviews from friends, family, or online communities.
  • Visits the Bajaj Life Insurance website to understand the available policies, features, and premiums.
  • Uses an online life insurance calculator to assess the affordability and coverage adequacy.
  • “What if something happens to me? How will my family manage financially?”
  • “I should explore different life insurance options and understand their features and benefits.”
  • “I hope the premium fits within my budget without compromising the coverage.”
  • “I want a user-friendly online platform that allows me to access my policy details and make changes easily.”
  • “Life is unpredictable, and I want to be prepared for any unfortunate event.”
  • Concerned about the financial security of his family.
  • Overwhelmed by the complexity of life insurance options and terms.
  • Motivated to find the best life insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage.
  • Anxious about making the right decision for his family’s future.
  • Frustrated when encountering complex or confusing information.

User Persona

Age: 25-45
Gender: Male/ Female


User persona represents Typical activities done by family man who wants to offer security to his family financially.
A responsible and forward-thinking individual who understands the importance of financial planning and security for his family’s future.

Pain Points:

    • limited knowledge about life insurance products and their various features, riders, and benefits.
    • Wants a life insurance policy that offers adequate coverage at a reasonable premium, ensuring that it fits within budget.

Emotion graph:

Information architecture

Low Fidelity Wireframes


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