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A right fragrance can make all the difference

Advertisers and brand builders undertake many ways to promote their products and impress their customers. To create memorable brand experiences they use various stools. One of it is Smell Advertising, an innovative way pf advertising and promotion.

What is smell advertising?

Smell or Scent Marketing takes the help of aromas for customer engagement and emotional arousal. It takes the customer down memory lane and aims at gaining and retaining customer attention through aromas in a creative way. It is also called Olfactory Marketing.

The scientific approach behind Smell Marketing

Smell works both physiologically on human body and psychologically on human mind. Human sensory experiences come in the following sequence- visual first, auditory second, then touch followed by taste. Smell triggers our emotional response. Conventional advertising media offer no sense of surprise, delight or novelty. Hence reputed brands are using this strategy to connect with their audience. It helps in brand recall and engagement. But you might be thinking about how?

How it’s done

The smell can attract new customers, boost sales, enhance value perception, strengthen brand recognition and customer delight. Smell advertising is done in various product-specific ways. Brands use it to take their product in the hearts of the customers and to the next level in strategy. Smell-Vertising can be achieved in the following ways,

  • Timed dispensers
  • Smell air machines
  • Buttons or touchscreens
  • Product samples

Industries benefitting from Smell Advertising

Food Industry

What is the food industry without tempting smells and delicious aromas! People first smell food and then make a decision to have it or not. Brands in the food industry use scent to raise awareness of a new product and give the audience a glimpse into the product experience. This helps the audience to get connected with the brand as it activates the emotional response in them and generates the desired result.

Fragrance Industry

The fragrance is all about emotions. According to a fact human nose can smell at least 1 trillion scents. You never know which scent can stimulate your emotions in what way. Scent dispensers can be used instore to attract people who are more likely to shop for a T-shirt but try giving them a glimpse of an irresistible scent and they respond by talking to a salesperson and purchasing your brand.

So if you are an advertiser try this innovative strategy and see how a scent can work its magic for you!