Creative Advertising through insights


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The brand which can connect with the client in a real way wins.
Gary Vee

In today’s information intensive world, people are constantly bombarded with loads of content daily. Thus, it has become quite difficult to capture the attention of the people who have the potential to be the future clients.

In such an environment, creative advertising works wonders by not just cutting through the noise but also penetrating right into the minds of the targeted audience. 

Creative advertising is a campaign or a commercial crafted specifically to tell the story of the brand in an effective way.

It is all about using the right philosophies to capture attention by understanding the psychology of the human brain.

Creative advertising positions the brand in such a way that people get hooked (which is very crucial) into the content.

Statistics show that people tend to respond 8.3 times more to compelling content compared to mere facts. And creative advertising is the secret weapon which can be used to exploit this fact to the fullest.
But in order to develop such compelling content, a tremendous study is required. 

OneZeroEight’s 3C Approach –
Studying –

  1. Company – We primarily study the company we are working with. The services they provide, the type of audience they have, future opportunities the industry might have, etc.. Based on this laborious research we develop a structured plan for positioning the brand.
  2. Consumer (of the client) – As OneZeroEight is a B2B service providing company, it is fundamental for us to study our consumer’s consumer. In that regard, it becomes quite easy to sophisticate various aspects and develop content accordingly.
  3. Competition – Another crucial aspect is to study our client’s competitors. We focus to position our client’s organization in a unique way and give the targeted audience a huge WHY to work with our clients.

People are suspicious and they need enough reasons to work with an organization.
Adding value in the form of blogs, social media posts, emails, etc. are the foundations to build trust. Creative advertising helps to add value in a better manner to build trust.

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