Launch of Digital marketing – A One Zero Eight Endeavour


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In the midst of a digital boom in India, it is not easy to stand out as a Digital branding agency. While Pune is gradually emerging as the hotspot for talent after Bangalore and Mumbai, the city also has the potential to do global business from within the pool.

There are more than 300 digital advertising and branding companies in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi which creates a lot of clutter and misconceptions when it comes to digital services.

The Launch

At One Zero Eight we take this as a challenge and vow to stand out in every single project we undertake. The company has half a decade of experience in creative designing and design thinking. We take this legacy ahead and dive into the digital space at full throttle.

With Google and Facebook constantly teaching a layman about how to kick start your project on respective media, we dig deeper into analytics and research before suggesting even a penny’s expenditure on the digital space.

We help the clients go beyond normal media like Facebook and Google and give them a result oriented approach to showcase your brand as a complete package on various other media.

5W1H Model

We follow 5W1H model. Before jumping on ‘’Where’’ part of your digital campaign we need to define Who, What, Why, When and How part of it.

Having technical expertise on digital media, our digital managers understand your business and collaborate with you to bridge the gap your business is facing.

Whether it is about promoting your brand/services or generating leads, we ensure right balance across all media.

Digital media planning

Before any kind of digital media planning, a thorough research regarding your existing perception, your competitors and the behaviour of your audience towards your brand or service is undertaken.

Google analytics, Search console and Keyword planner are our cornerstones when it comes to suggesting you best trends and user behaviour through our research.

We strategically suggest you a media mix and technologies which are required for your audience to experience your brand on social media and search results.

While we strongly emphasize on SEO and SEM we also push your web presence to a level where you are organically visible on your industry keywords.

Giving enough space to creativity

Creativity in design and content is the key to get most clicks through rates in your ad campaigns. While Google asks for better content, Social media ask for vibrant and engaging visuals.

According to reports, unique content and info-graphical presentation of your content is the best way to avoid bounce ratio from your website.

We allow our designers and content writers to make it a unique campaign, making it a stand-alone within your TG.


With research, planning and creative execution, we have this holistic approach when we undertake any digital branding project. Get in touch with us for an immersive and engaging digital branding experience.