Internal Branding
What is Internal Branding ?? Internal Branding is the corporate philosophy that lays its foundation on bringing the company’s core culture, identity and values to its employees along with its clients. Why should a company apply Internal Branding ?? Internal Branding is the reflection of values that the company has instilled in itself. It is the representation of the cynosure of the main objectives of the organisation. Internal Branding is used to showcase as well as inculcate the brand values in the company associates. How to build an Internal Brand ?? 3 Easy Steps : 
  1. Define the mission and the future vision of the company – 
    The company should primarily define its mission and vision prior to anything. This is very crucial in order to exhibit values for the employees as well as clients of the organization.
  2. Inculcate the necessary values in the employees –
    Employees are an extremely crucial element of any business. Thus, when the employees undergo development, the business is guaranteed to undergo development parallel to it.
  3. Build a powerful and a productive environment –
    Workplace for any business plays a critical role in the magnitude of productivity of the employees. When the workplace is designed to raise the level of productivity, significant improvements can be experienced.
How does OneZeroEight Apply Internal Branding ??
We have helped one of our reputable clients, Sunshot to manifest the concept of Internal Branding for their company. The Panchamahabhuta or the 5 elements of nature – Bhumi, Jal, Agni, Vaayu and Akash are the foundation of the space branding we have done at Sunshot. The colours and patterns we have used at Sunshot, give the workspace an ecstatic feel of nature which enhances the environment, thus leading to a better and an enthusiastic experience for the employees which in turn leads to a surge in their productivity.