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At 108 we take digital medium as a problem solving medium where traditional marketing has been stretched to its extent. It’s a data driven exercise which will let your brand to reach right into their mobile and even the living room. We enhance your audience’s brand experience by first understanding nature of your business, defining digital goals as to marketing or promotion. We break the clutter by finding the right content strategy and setting right creative standards for your product or services.


“Not every medium is for everyone. With the right media mix and accurate planning, we built an impactful digital presence for your brand.”


What You Achieve?

  • Increase Your Online Visibility
  • Establish Your Company in Local Search
  • Increases Targeted Traffic
  • Establish Your Brand/Business on Social Media Platforms
  • To generate Brand Awareness & create positive buzz in your Targeted Audience
  • Become a Resource of Information
  • Syndication with your Goals and deploying Campaigns.
  • Increase in your Sales Value.

Why Are We Different?

Your Data is your Data

Through our organised digital marketing approach we receive lot of enquires and leads.

We make sure that it is used for your marketing and promotion ‘only’ and will not be used for any other similar businesses.

Balance between Branding and Sales

When you ask us to increase sales, we make sure you achieve your sales target but we never let the brand guidelines get suffered. We keep the right balance between maintaining the brand value and generating sales.

We create our own content

We don’t just follow trends, sometimes we start a trend.

Content marketing is very much relevant in today’s world, right content strategy is what we develop for your brand to reach out to your target audience.

Brand experience services

  • UI/UX
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • List Building
  • Campaign Management Services
  • Research and Analysis
  • Audio/Visuals
  • Search Engine Optimization

"Digital marketing is a need of the hour. One Zero Eight has a legacy of half a decade on print and creative designing. We are happy to extend it on web and mobile for you at every possible level. Purpose of extending to this medium is to enhance the Brand experience value for your product or services and to create an engaging online presence for your valuable audiences."

- Govind Kabade | Founder