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LIFECYCLE OF BRAND – The Human Relationship


What if we tell you that the anatomy of brands is as similar to that of Human Anatomy?

Well let’s start with what is a Brand? The simplest definition being – A brand is a particular identity.

Brands are generally what the consumers buy. To make a mark in the minds of the consumer we need to nurture our brand in every phase. Preparing a brand with giving it human qualities is called Branding.

A brand evolves in the market by thinking, talking, growing and surprising the consumers during various phases.

To understand Brand and its lifecycle let’s go through a small story which explains the human relationship with the life cycle of the brands

A brand goes through these major phases – Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline.

Every brand compulsory goes through these phases since its birth. You can’t miss or dodge these phases.

Now what are these phases – the Introduction phase this phase is when your brand is groomed and introduced to the world / for that matter the market. This is similar to a youngster who is ready to carve an image of him that is going to be with him till the end, so this better be the best way express.

The youngster in this phase does all the attention seeking work. Here any publicity becomes good publicity.
What matters here the most is our Youngster is Single and ready to mingle.

The next two phases that works simultaneously are the Growth and Maturity phase – the most crucial phase as the brand here faces competition from the other brands.
Here let’s assume that our Youngster gets into a relationship – technically speaking few consumers starts noticing it and gets inclined towards him.
Since our youngster has already made his mark in certain section of the class he gets more attentions from them, remember the competition is just started. There are other brands just like our hero (youngster) try to woo the Heroine (consumer). The question now arises that what our Hero will do to get the heroine?
 Well the hero here has to develop himself, he needs to take care of his heroine, he needs to be available, he needs to let the heroine know the perks of being with him, he should understand the needs of the heroine time to time and adjust himself accordingly.
 If our hero is mature enough to understand then the consumer will go in a committed relationship with him.

The last and the final phase – the Decline (give some statistical information as to how many brands have failed till now from the time they started- if possible why they failed, and if some big names are there nothing like it)

Till now everything was like a cake walk for our HERO; enters the villain (here the villain can be various factors that accelerate the decline of a Brand)

The answer is very clear our HERO needs to constantly keep on evolving. It takes just few minutes to get attracted to another Brand – this means even if our HERO and HEROINE are together the hero shouldn’t be care free that the heroine is going to stay with him even if he does nothing.

Remember – You can kiss your Girlfriend that confidence; only you can kiss your Girlfriend that over confidence.

There is another stage which generally no one talks about, but has always been there. This stage/Phase is a thin line between the Growth and Maturity phase. Well for our HERO this is the place he wants to be in or for that matter no one wants to be in – The FRIEND ZONE Phase

Here the consumer does a hell lot of talking about you, they keep on telling the world good things about the Brand, they Like your Brand, share its success stories, keep you always at the top, but when it comes to buying or getting into a long term relation they go with a different brand – what happens here is still a topic of massive discussion.

Hope we come up with an explanation to this one in our next blog and don’t let our HERO fall in this TRAP.

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